Brasil Black: XL Hammock Hanging Chair

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XL Hammock Hanging Chair: BRASIL BLACK

XL Hammock Hanging Chair: BRASIL BLACK (Pillow NOT included)

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  • XL Hammock Hanging Chair: BRASIL BLACK (Pillow NOT included)
  • BRASIL BLACK - outdoor
  • BRASIL BLACK - detail

Product Description:

From Brazil, the home of some of the best siestas in the world, comes the place for dreaming: the 'Brasil Black' XL hammock hanging chair.

  • Material: Cotton (New cotton remnants from textile production) + 15% polyester thread (for stabilization)
  • Coloration meets the stringent requirements of textile category I (skin tolerance)
  • With a width of 1.30 m and a length of 1.60 m, the 'Brasil' serie is king size and therefore almost as big as a classical Brazilian hammock. 
  • The quadruple stitched ends and the extra thick 400 g/m² woven material guarantee the highest sturdiness.



Additional Information & Specifications:

ECO - ETHICatalog: Sustainable, Recycled, Handmade
Country of Origin: Brazil
Artist / Designer: -
Manufacturer / Brand: Amazonas
Suited for: 1 Person
Load Capacity: max. 120 Kg
(Approx.) Product Weight: 2,7 Kg
(Approx.) Dimensions: 160 x 130 cm (wood bar: 110 cm)
Video: -
Estimated Delivery Time: 48 Hours