Dedon Nestrest: Hanging Lounger Pod

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XXL Outdoor Hanging Lounger Pod: DEDON NESTREST

XXL Outdoor Hanging Lounger Pod: DEDON NESTREST - Natural

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  • XXL Outdoor Hanging Lounger Pod: DEDON NESTREST - Natural
  • XXL Outdoor Hanging Lounger Pod: DEDON NESTREST - Chalk
  • DEDON NESTREST - outdoor hanging usage
  • DEDON NESTREST - outdoor usage
  • DEDON NESTREST - outdoor usage
  • DEDON NESTREST - outdoor usage
  • DEDON NESTREST - Natural detail
  • DEDON NESTREST - Chalk detail

Product Description:

The 'Dedon Nestrest' is an over-sized bird’s nest offering you a secluded, suspended sanctuary and unusual meeting place: it’s the perfect place for relaxation, meditation and open-air conversations.

When suspended in the air, this organic module gently sways, moving with the body or the wind. Both contemporary and exotic in its aesthetic, becomes camouflaged with its surrounding natural environment. 

NESTREST is made of an especially strong Dedon fiber (4 cm wide), guaranteeing a sturdy and solid weave with excellent properties: it shelters those within, allowing them to look out while preventing outsiders from seeing in – a perfect feeling of privacy and security.

Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety, the creators of this innovative new hanging pod, are two of Paris’s most intriguing design talents. Close collaborators of Jean-Marie Massaud, with whom they have forged new ways of working and approaching design, Daniel and Fred bring a rich diversity of experience to each project they undertake, alone or in a team.

  • Available in 2 colors.
  • 100 % DEDON QUALITY: Stringent quality standards are applied to every single step of production. Both fiber production in Germany and the furniture manufacturing in the Philippines are Dedon owned and controlled. Dedon’s first rate quality and service are highly recognized among professional hotel operators and specifiers around the world.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Dedon fiber is 100% recyclable, free of toxins and its carbon emission is extremely low (< 0.02 mg c/kg).
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT: Dedon products are resistant against all weather conditions and UV exposure (10 years UV tested).
  • MAINTENANCE FREE: All Dedon products are maintenance-free and are easy to clean using warm water and a brush or a high-pressure washer.
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY: Under normal conditions of use and maintenance, the Dedon® fibre is covered by a 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defect.

PLEASE NOTE: This lounger do not fit through standard doors.


Additional Information & Specifications:

ECO - ETHICatalog: Eco-friendly, Recyclable
Country of Origin: Germany
Artist / Designer: Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety
Manufacturer / Brand: Dedon
Suited for: 4 Persons
Load Capacity: 625 Kg
(Approx.) Product Weight: 85,5 kg
(Approx.) Dimensions: ø 200 cm / 10,7 m3 (Total height: 260+150 cm / Opening: W: 130 cm / H: 80 cm)
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Estimated Delivery Time: Under consulting