Self-Watering Vase w/ Grow KIT: ECO-BOTTLEKIT

Eco-BottleKit: Self-Water/ Vase + Grow Kit

Eco-BottleKit: Self-Water/ Vase + Grow Kit

Self-Watering Vase with Aromatic Plant Grow Kit: Eco-BottleKit
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With an attractive and socially-aware design, these innovative "Eco-BottleKits" (Self-Watering system Vases + Grow Kits) have been reused & recycled from cut down old wine bottles. Each one is bio-sanitized, cut, and polished by hand and then filled with everything needed to create your own indoor/outdoor mini aromatic garden.

100% Handmade in Portugal, the Eco-BottleKit not only serves as the grow kit's packaging, but also as its pot and water reservoir. Add water and some sunlight and you'll be growing your very own organic Parsley, Coriander, Chives, Basil or Red Basil in no time!

The Self-Watering System: A garden starts with the best of intentions, but it's not always possible to care for it as much as it needs. Work obligations and vacations make it difficult to get out and water the garden every day, or even twice a day when the weather is hot. Now you can relax: Self-watering garden containers can take the pressure off you for getting enough water to your plants. You'll still have to keep the containers filled, but your plants won't suffer if you miss some days of watering. Water is drawn up through the felt strip which hang down from the bottom of the pot like an extension of the plant’s own roots and as long as there is water in the container the plant looks after itself.

These environmentally conscious ‘Grow Bottles’ have the added bonus that they catch the sunlight more easily than a traditional planter and can be re-used. (Replant Kits will be available soon...)

Each Eco-BottleKit comes with:

  • 1x Vase (=Two-part "pot" handcrafted from a repurposed wine bottle);
  • 1x Grow Kit consisting of:
    • - 1x pack of Organic/Genuine Untreated Seeds (5 choices currently available: Parsley, Coriander, Chives, Basil and Red-Basil) ;
    • - 1x pack of plant substratum;
    • - 1x pack of expanded clay;
  • 1x Felt strip (100% Cotton);
  • 1x Planting Instructions Sheet.
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ECO & ETHICS Sustainable, Eco-friendly, Organic, Recycled, Recyclable, Handmade, Made in Portugal
≈ Dimensions & Weight ø 7cm / Altura/Height: 21 cm
≈ Load Capacity -
Country of Origin Portugal
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