Fair Trade Tibetan Singing Bowl <500g/1Kg/1,5Kg>: HAND-BEATEN

Hand-Beaten: Tibetan Singing Bowl <500g/1Kg/1,5Kg>

Hand-Beaten: Tibetan Singing Bowl <500g/1Kg/1,5Kg>

Fair Trade Tibetan Singing Bowl <500g/1Kg/1,5Kg>: HAND-BEATEN
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Hand-Beaten: Tibetan Singing Bowl <500g / 1Kg / 1,5Kg>

 This amazing instruments produces an incredible rich deep sound. Often when playing or using a bowl this sizes the user can feel the vibration of the bowl resonating through their body while playing it. Hand-Beaten in Nepal.

The use of bowls as a vessel for sound dates back to at least 600 BC in many areas of the Himalayas. The specific use of bowls as ‘singing bowls’ in Tibetan Buddhism is harder to pinpoint, although several academics say they were introduced into Tibet along with the teachings of Buddha by the tantric master Padasambhava in the 8th century AD. Singing bowls are made from an alloy of metals and when played they produce rich sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation to assist meditation. They are also increasingly used in sound therapy and modern music.

Playing Tips: Rest the singing bowl in the palm of the hand. Gently tap the striker against the side of the bowl. With an even pressure, rub the striker clockwise around the outside rim of the bowl. Use a full arm movement just like stir ring a big pan of soup. Try and keep the striker straight and remember to apply pressure - the friction of the striker against the outer rim produces the vibrations, which result in the sound. Let the sound build up slowly as the singing bowl picks up the vibration.

  • Available in 3 models/sizes: 500g + 1Kg + 1,5Kg.
  • Diameter & thickness of bowl will vary as this is a handmade product.
  • Including 1 bowl+1 stick.
  • Imported from Nepal by a BAFTS recognized Fair Trade company.



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ECO & ETHICS Sustainable, Fair Trade, Handmade
≈ Dimensions & Weight NOTE: Diameter & thickness of bowl will vary as this is a traditional handmade product // O Diâmetro e Espessura das taças são variáveis, devido à natureza artesanal destes produtos
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Country of Origin Nepal
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