Colour Changing LED Lava Lamp: MATHMOS SMART ASTRO

Mathmos Smart Astro: LED Lava Lamp

Mathmos Smart Astro: LED Lava Lamp

Colour Changing LED Lava Lamp: MATHMOS SMART ASTRO
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Mathmos Smart Astro: Colour Changing LED Lava Lamp

Mathmos Smart Astro is a reinvention of the iconic Astro lamp; the first ever lava lamp, invented by Mathmos in 1963.

Instead of using a conventional bulb the Smart Astro is the first to use Mathmos new "Smart" lava lamp technology. A heating plate, computer chip, temperature sensor and high-quality LEDs combine to give you both a touch controllable colour changing function and automatic temperature regulation ensuring that the unique Mathmos lava lamp formula is always at optimum temperature and never overheats.

The super-stylish Smart Astro maintains the classic Astro shape as it takes lava lamps to a whole new level, packing cool new tricks through groundbreaking technological advances.

The chip-controlled LEDs produce smooth, rich colourful lava and the Smart button at the base of the lamp allows you to pause any colour that takes your fancy.  So you can chill out to mesmerising colour-phasing goo, or maintain a hue to suit your mood or match your decor, safe in the knowledge that your Smart Astro will adjust its own temperature to preserve perfect lava flow.

The Mathmos Smart Astro is available in three colourways - blue to red (phasing through pinks, purples etc), green to yellow (phasing through reddish, orangey etc) and blue to green (phasing through cyan, turquoise etc).

This retro-futuristic mood light will create a groovy, fun and relaxing atmosphere in any bedroom, living room, modern office or party space.


Edward Craven Walker got the idea for the original lamp design after walking into a pub in Dorset, England and noticing a rather odd item (egg timer) sitting on the counter behind the bar. He spent the next 15 years perfecting the invention so that it could be mass-produced.

The Astro Lamp, later called the Lava Lamp, was launched in 1963 just ahead of the craze for all things psychedelic, and was an instant hit and became one of the defining products of the swinging ‘60s.

Mathmos lava lamps are still made in the original factory in Poole, Dorset, UK.

 Every bottle is filled by hand with the secret and unique Mathmos formula and the astro base and cap is hand spun by skilled British craftsmen. Each product is individually inspected and tested to ensure that a Mathmos lava lamp is the best quality in the world.

Replacement parts for this iconic design classics, including bulbs, are available from Mathmos on an ongoing basis for products bought today or in 1963..

  • Height: 43 cm / Weight: 2,95 Kg
  • Light: LED
  • Power: Mains Power
  • Materials: Brushed aluminium base and bottle cap. Glass bottle. Mathmos Lava Formula
  • Touch the 'Smart' button to select a single colour or colour changing. Touch to turn on an off.
  • Colours: Green to Yellow / Green to Blue / Blue to Red
  • Smart and sturdy Mathmos packaging - makes an excellent gift
  • CE certified for safety and quality


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≈ Dimensions & Weight Height / Altura: 43 cm / Weight / Peso: 2,95 Kg
Country of Origin United Kingdom
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